More About A Gardening Project for Chicagoland

What is individualism, and how can it be cultivated throughtout Chicagoland?

  • The individual: The most important minority.
  • What is individualism and what is not? (E.g., individuals are logically and temporally prior to groups and more important than groups; individuals are living beings, but groups, not; individuals can be willful, but groups, not; and so on.)
  • The differences among ontological individualism, political individualism, and methodological individualism.
  • A curriculum for individualism and for a good culture.
  • Brightly dyed hair, nose rings, tatoos on the face, and other low ways to celebrate one’s individuality.
  • A theory of ownership of one’s own body.
  • Shortcomings and weaknesses of theories of self-ownership.
  • “The Libertarian Movement”: What is it, and has it been causing new problems without solving old ones that it was intended to correct?
  • The libertarians’ nonaggression principle: Is it enough? Do libertarians confound aggression and coercion? What about fraud? How can can fraud be a type of aggression?
  • Why do so many educated people fear and loathe individualism and individualists? Is it their own character flaws that they fear?
  • Increasing the share of individualists among Chicagolanders.
  • Cultivating harmonious thinking and concerted action among individualists.
  • Strategies and tactics for forming alliances.
  • What was done by the British government, its colonial governments in N. America, and the sucessor governments of those colonial governments to hamper African slaves’ ownership of their own bodies and why this history is still relevant to individualists
  • Chicagoland: A garden on a prairie for individualists throughout N. America?
  • Gardening in Chicago, a city which paved over a garden and made so much of it ugly.
  • Cultivating small gardens of a better culture now
  • A project plan to transform the hearts and minds of Chicagoland’s residents
  • What counts as Chicagoland?
  • Chicagoland without the borders of the statists.
  • Chicagoland 101 years from now

I expect to cover some important philosophical and scientific topics that every individualist should understand:

  • Seven liberal arts similar to those proposed by Martianus Minneus Felix Capella but which put the three of the trivium in a new order, which incorporate in the quadrivium advances during the past five hundred to six hundred years, and which broaden the scope of the liberal arts as conceived by Capella
  • A brief introduction to a few terms of logic and philosophy
  • What are doxology, epistemology, ontology?
  • Evil: The privation of something that ought to be present or the presence of something that ought not to be present.
  • Virtues and vices.
  • Two different concepts called love.
  • Hatred: Intense dislike that is a vice when its inordinate among one’s thoughts.
  • Benevolence and Malevolence.
  • Is the Golden Rule, so called, really evil? Is it rooted in subjectivism? Does it induce subjectivistic thinking about ethics?
  • Why is the Golden Rule not do unto others as they would have you do unto them? Would not this variant undermine subjectivism in ethics? Would it be in some ways worse than the Golden Rule?
  • Should not there be a platihum rule, do unto others only as you should do unto them?
  • Socrates: A role model for all philosphers? Also, another tour of his cave (Republic, Book VII, 514a-517a).
  • Plato: Friend or foe of statists?
  • Aristotle’s ethics: Are they statist?
  • Do libertarians resist nonsocial ethics?
  • Humanistic prejudice in praxeolgy.
  • Understanding Ludwig von Mises, Human Action.
  • A brief analysis of relativism, subjectivism, and nihilism and some rebuttals to them.
  • Should atheists, skeptics, relativists, subjectivists, utilitarians, or nihilists be tolerated? If so, under what conditions?
  • A brief review of physicalism and presentism: Two ideas still in need of plausible arguments and corroborating evidence
  • Does secular humanism darken the intellect?
  • Empiricism, positivism, verificationism, falsifiablism, and scientism.
  • W=mg: A reminder that every human body has its own force of gravity.
  • During the launch of a rocket, W and F, the latter acting on the rocket, are additive. Any astronout aboard feels as if gravity is getting stronger. So why do so many physics teachers insist, esp. to beginners taking physics for the first time, that the vector of gravitational acceleration is directed vertically downward?
  • Earth’s moon: Is it, too, a planet?
  • Important differences between atheism and secularism.
  • One can study theology and theologians, but is it possible to study any θεός?
  • Thomas Aquinas’ concepts of divine law, eternal law, natural law, positive law, and human law
  • Is there a common, universal law of existence?

To uproot collectivistic thinking and to cultivate a good individualism throughout Chicagoland, several popular socialistic ideas must be undermined. Furthermore, I intend to correct popular misconceptions about old words and to advance idiosyncratic usage of them that is logically consistent but which is disdained in colloquial discourse, esp. among those who imagine that they have been educated well and, in particular, those who have received degrees from colleges.

  • On the meaning of the word, society.
  • Social contract theory is a hoax.
  • Correct usage of the words, self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish, and selfless. (Popular usage of the word, selfish, is perverse.)
  • Correct usage of the words, autocrat, monocrat, oligocrat, democrat, and aristocrat. (Popular usage of the word, autocrat, is statist and perverse. And Aristotle’s fingerprints are on this perversity.)
  • The difference between aristarchy and aristocracy.
  • Collegiate aristarchy v. hierarchy.
  • The childishness of most people who claim to be anarchists.
  • A popular oligocracy called democracy.
  • There’s no way to vote a democracy into existence.
  • Republicanism and electoral politics are cloaks for illicit oligocracy.
  • The differences between democracy and republic.
  • There’s no way to vote a democracy into existence without presupposing the existence of a democracy.
  • Collectivists are conservatives, and leftists aren’t liberal.
  • Is the concept of representative government a coherent one?
  • Did Ludwig von Mises crave a world government?
  • Every person is either a collectivist or not a collectivist.

In Chicago, there is widespread reverence and tolerance for theocracy and a reckless attitude concerning religion. This must change.

  • What is religion?
  • Popular religions in Chicagoland.
  • Solomon’s mishle: A paradoxical point of departure from Israelitic culture and a useful tool for cultivating wisdom, too?
  • Joshua of Nun: An hero criminal of the Israelites and of the Christians, too.
  • A review of the Ten Commandments as understood by the Jews, the Catholics, and the Protestants.
  • Did Jesus of Nazareth authorize the smash and grab led by Joshus of Nun or merely approve of it after the fact?
  • Did the Christians’ Prince of Peace solicit the homicide of Jews who refused to accept him as their king? Evidence from the pen of Luke and his redactors.
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas, author of “the principal doctinal synthesis of Catholic theology”, prescribed the death penalty for heretics?
  • The agenda, objectives, and habitual behavior of the Christians’ leaders.
  • The necessity and propriety of undermining the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Diocese of Joliet, and so on.
  • Christian redemption and salvation: Hypothetical solutions to illusory problems of three imaginary gods’ own making.
  • Mocking justice with the doctrine of originated original sin.
  • Other problems in Christianity such as Jesus’ purported ascension to the starry canopy billions of lightyears away.
  • The collectivism of Sancta Romana Ecclessia.
  • Encouraging Christian ministers to give up Jesus.
  • Medinat Yisrael: A land of criminals who parasitisze the American taxpayer with the help of both Jews and Christians.
  • What do leaders of Muslims plan for Chicagoland? Evidence from the Koran and in the form of those leaders’ own behavior.
  • Encouraging young Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Varnadharmists to adopt individualism, rationalism, atheism, and so on and to disdain the theocratic cults of their parents and those who lead those cults.
  • What is impassibility? Is impassability possible? Is it possible for humans? Is the concept itself defective?
  • Disentangling superstition from the calendar: An interim solution to Dionysius Exiguus’ format of counting years.
  • The religion of secular collectivism: The gravest threat to freedom and justice.

But what about Alisa Rosenbaum? Yes, I intend to make a few observations about her work, some of which I admire. For examples, the radical collectivism portrayed in Anthem is chilling, and I have found amusing and illuminating the sharp satire of freethinkers and leftist intellectuals in Atlas Shrugged. Still, one should…

  • Investigate some problems in Ayn Rand’s essay, “Man’s Rights”;
  • Read Atlas Shrugged but beware of John Galt and his motives and his means;
  • Judge Judge Narragansett and the man in bedroom F of car. no 13 to determine if they were as different as Ayn Rand liked to believe; and.
  • Consider the possibility that Ayn Rand, a known taxfeeder, was a collectivist and a conservative, even while writing her great work.

You’ve heard clichés such as “education is key”. But what is a good education? What is not?

  • Self-control, autodidactiveness and humility: Three virtues to cultivate in every young child if adulthood is to be attained before the body stops growing.
  • Some errors that parents make.
  • When should children be weaned?
  • Is it true that the best of the parents should control education?
  • Should children ever play with dolls?
  • Homeschooling, private schooling, and other means of educating the young.
  • At what age should children be introduced to doxology, epistemology, and ontology?
  • How should children be educated in the liberal arts? How might this differ from the instruction of these imparted to fully grown humans?
  • How should children be instructed in the three crossroads and the four crossroads, the trivium and the quadrivium?
  • Turning governmental schools upside down such that their pupils become unteachable except by individualists who harbor correct concepts about education.
  • Governmental schools in Chicagoland.
  • Convincing black and hispanic Chicagolanders, esp. young ones, that disproportionate vice and criminalism among black and hispanic Chicagolanders is the fault of those very same persons just as Bill Cosby and others blacks have suggested is the case for blacks.
  • Teachers in governmental schools are taxfeeding thugs (getting aggression and violence out of education).
  • The educational voucher scam and its advocates in Chicagoland such The Heartland Institute
  • The cult of tolerance, its absurdities, and the hypocrisy of its advocates

The study and practice of commerce and trade is important to worldy life, and to cultivate harmonious thinking and concerted action among individualists will require correct thinking about economics and catallactics. In fact, without commerce and trade, one must be self-sufficient, which is extremely difficult in its own right if not also impossible in a world ruled by people who have rigged commerce and trade and who are thoroughly illiberal.

  • The difference between economics, “the art of household management”, and catallactics, “the science of exchanges”.
  • A remedial course in catallactics.
  • Schools of catallactic thought.
  • Die Wirtschaftsrechnung im sozialistischen Gemeinwesen, “Economic Calculation in the Socialistic Commonwealth”, by Ludwig von Mises is still relevant almost 100 years after it was published.
  • Cultivating business accumen among the young and those who are not young.
  • A crash course in finance and accounting for children which isn’t dumbed down.
  • Money and banking.
  • Money metals and group eleven of the periodic table of the elements.
  • Economic calculation and accounting for multiple currencies.
  • The necessity and propriety of capitalism. (Without capitalism, humans would be primitive.)
  • What is capitalism?
  • What is mutualism, and why should you disdain it?
  • Crony capitalism, too, is capitalism.
  • Aversion to capitalism per se is foolish.
  • If capitalism is so great, then why are so many capitalists dirty and statist?
  • Unrigging commerce and disdaining the term “free markets”.
  • Commerce cannot be unrigged without depriving governments of control over issuance of money.
  • Concerning the 7th district of a banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System
  • Are Chicagoland’s bankers helping to finance the weaponry of the world’s next nuclear war while posturing as do-gooders, too?
  • Are Chicagoland’s bankers helping to finance the weapons that will be used in a war to preserve the corrupt government of the Federalists?
  • Letting the barkeeper to decide if smoking should be allowed inside the barkeeper’s premises.
  • Government has no business whatsoever proclaming the existence of corporations.
  • The limited liabilty scam, its advocates, its beneficiaries, and its apologists.
  • Partnerships are not entities capable of forming contracts.
  • Breaking up violent governmental cartels and trade unions, esp. those of law, banking, and medicine.

A powerful, overbearing, and irresponsible government that is seated far away must be warded off. To do so will require a better understanding of its roots and branches and of the soil in which it was planted.

  • Three distinct meanings of the term “United States of America”.
  • Three distinct meanings of the term “Congress” as used in American history.
  • Parliament as of the 2,516th anno urbis conditae compared to Congress now.
  • E Pluribus Unum means “Out of More, One”.
  • Publius’ false and immoral government.
  • Publius’ government an imperial government by design.
  • Article VII of “this Constitution for the United States of America”: A careful reading and correct interpretation.
  • Publius’ government an imperial government in practice.
  • Lysander Spooner’s criticism of the Federalists’ behavior substantially correct.
  • A problem in Amendment II to the Constitution for the United States of America of which every firearm owner should be aware.
  • Decentralizing the Federalists’ empire.(Abolishing the government seated in the D.C.)
  • The Federalist Society: A problem 40,000 strong.
  • The Democrats and the Republicans: A bipartisan, socialistic coalition?
  • Neocons and rightwing American conservatives are struggling to maintain a road to serfdom without which Partito Nazionale Fascista, the NSDAP, the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, and so forth could not have gained traction.
  • You owe no taxes. (Taxation is a type of illicit extortion.)
  • Zero: Your share of politicians’ debts accumulated in the name of a government or the people it is alleged to represent.
  • Zero: The correct budget of governments’ armed forces.
  • Zero: The correct amount of funding for governments’ welfare programs.
  • Zero: Your share of the cost of the American PIC.
  • Military conscription is a form of enslavement.
  • Understanding the armed forces of the government seated in the D.C. and its activities in Chicagoland.
  • You owe nothing, not even gratitude, to the members and veterans of a government’s armed forces.
  • Converting to individualism the veterans of the armed forces of the government seated in the D.C.
  • A brief reminder to rightwing conservatives that cops and military veterans, too, are taxfeeders.
  • The United Nations is a tool of global, American hegemony and unaccountable power for the president.
  • The dangers of warlordism.

Since the geographic focus of this blog is on Chicagoland, there are many local topics, esp. concerning statist law, that must not be neglected if Chicagoland’s culture is to be transformed permanently. Here are some of them.

  • “The State of Illinois”: A ridiculous name for a province of superior government.
  • Problems with the preamble of Constitution of the State of Illinois.
  • The governments and governmental agencies of Chicagoland.
  • “Cook County was created on January 15, 1831 by an act of the Illinois State Legislature as the 54th county established in Illinois”? No, it’s existence was merely proclaimed.
  • The alleged legal basis of the City of Chicago.
  • Chicagoland doesn’t need a City of Chicago.
  • Organized Crime in Chicagoland: 121 N. LaSalle Street & 118 North Clark Street.
  • Annexations and additions to the City of Chicago.
  • The political classes of Chicagoland.
  • Bar associations of Chicagoland and of Illinois
  • Law schools and law professrs of Chicagoland.
  • Bad law schools that must be reformed or closed.
  • Cultivating a legal profession of individualists who disdain governmental trade unions, esp. those of lawyers.
  • Encouraging lawyers to disavow the ARDC and to practice without licenses.
  • Condemning attorneys who refuse to disavow the ARDC and to practice without licenses.
  • The relationship of Chicagoland’s police to licensed attorneys.
  • The demilitarization and disarmament of the police and cordial relations with the police both before and after their disarmament.
  • Universal law and its private enforcement.
  • Value-free definitions of extortion, assault, and battery.
  • Resolving disputes without governmental courts
  • The influence of the United Nations, the WTO, the WIPO, the World Bank Group, the IMF, and so on.
  • Establishing nongovernmental, self-regulated militias throughout Chicagoland.
  • The necessity and propriety of firearms training for the young.
  • Street gangs of Chicagoland.
  • The failure of government to solve the perennial problem of street gangs.
  • Crushing mercifully the steet gangs of Chicagoland without governmental involvement.
  • Where did all the pre-european peoples of Chicagoland go?
  • The Free State Project, so called: A lesson about how not to proceed

Infrastructure of Chicagoland.

  • Roads, seaports, and airports.
  • Water pipelines, sewerage, transportation, electrical power generation and distribution, and natural gas pipelines.
  • What is CMAP, the Chicago Metropolitian Agency for Planning?
  • What is Go To 2040, “an aggressive but nuanced comprehensive plan [for “[r]esidents of our region’s seven counties — Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will”] that strategically aligns public policies and investments”?
  • What is FLIP, Future Leaders in Planning, “a leadership development opportunity offered free-of-charge to students who can contribute ideas to help create a better future for our region”?
  • What should be done to help the participants of FLIP to correct their thinking and to block the activities of their arrogant leaders?
  • Privatize the forest preserves?! (Challenging the reckless cheerleaders for privatization and pseudoprivatization about a topic that could be explosive)
  • The Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway: A fitting memorial to a collectivist, a conservative, a warmonger, a tool for crony capitalists, and an actor

The dominant culture cannot be uprooted without understanding the character and identity of collectivists already in Chicagoland.

  • Collectivists in Chicagoland.
  • Why do progressives and welfare statists want other people to bear the burdens of their own alleged concern for others? Don’t they care about others?
  • Without rightwing collectivism and rightwingers’ nonegalitarian socialism, progressives would have little chance of establishing their communistic paradise by the means they have chosen to do so.
  • Progressivism means luxurious living for progressives now and communism for everyone later.
  • Some feminsists: They expect the benefits of a nonaggression principle but refuse to be bound by it. So, what else is new?
  • The Haymarket Affair: Understanding socialists who pretended to be anarchists.
  • Limousine leftists and chardonnay socialists in Chicagoland.
  • Tricks of socialists and communists who posture as libertarians and anarchists.
  • Libertarian conservatives and libertarian Christians, so called.
  • The “free-market”, whatever that means, doesn’t need more “free-market think tanks” and Chicagoland does not need The United States Chamber of Commerce or The Heartland Institute.
  • Stopping the geronticrats who vote to transfer wealth to theirselves via governmental aggression and violence.
  • Health care and governmental old age pensions are not rights.
  • Food, water, and electrical power are not rights.
  • The poor of Chicagoland: What do the wealthy owe them?

Finally, lanagage is important both to the development of an individual and to interaction among individuals. It will be evident from my conception of the liberal arts that I believe this is so, but other pertinent issues, too, will be raised.

  • The languages spoken in Chicagoland.
  • Should English, a pidgin, be the first language of a Chicagolander’s child?
  • Should English be abandoned, or merely relegated to the status of a second language?
  • A dialect of English for individualists to use in the near future.
  • Chicagoland: Will it be the most multilingual place on Earth 101 years from now?

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